For many people, financial concerns keep them from getting needed dental care in Reisterstown, Maryland. Our dentists, Dr. Stuart Zaller, Dr. Erin Lessans and Dr. Michele Shenk-Cooper, and our team want to work with you to make sure that your dental visit is not out of reach.

At Zaller Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we are happy to work with most PPO plans, and our team can work with you on ways to get the most out of your insurance benefits and help you in filing your claim. We do suggest that you contact our office at (410) 833-4880 and your insurance company to confirm your coverage. Payment for out-of-pocket expenses, co-pays and any other costs that are not covered by your insurance provider are due on the day of your appointment. To pay for those costs, our office accepts:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Cards

If you would like to finance your dental appointment, our office also works with the third-party lender CareCredit®, which offers convenient low- or no-interest financing for your dental care. You can complete an application by following the link below:

From Dr. Zaller:

A Promise to My Patients

As your doctor, it is important to me that you know my feelings about financial issues in our relationship. It is especially important that you know how I deal with the ethical conflicts that arise from insurance plans and other financial influences upon the decisions we make together.

My greater wish as a doctor is that you judge my care to be the best possible, according to your personal standards. For this to be true, I need to earn your trust as an ethical person, as well as a skillful practitioner. I want you to know that, among the values that govern my practice, I make the following promises to you:

I will treat you as a person first and always and not as a means of creating profits for me or anyone else.

I will never deceive you about my motives or intentions; I will not withhold information I believe you should know when I recommend a plan of treatment. My advice will always consider what is best for you as a person, regardless of its financial implications for you, your insurance company or anyone else, including me.

I believe in cost-conscious care as a secondary goal of a good health system. I will be sensitive to financial issues that affect you. I will help you discover the costs of treatment and assist you in finding the most effective use of your money for the sake of your health. I will help you distinguish between decisions based on costs, as opposed to other factors.

Regardless of the payment arrangement between us, every treatment or recommendation that I provide will be based on my belief that it is in your best interest. I will not participate in any plan that offers me compensation so heavily weighted toward cost containment that it could create a temptation to place this factor above your welfare. Nor will I offer you treatments on a fee-for-service basis that are inappropriate or unnecessary or at unreasonable fees.

Occasionally, a procedure may have little hope of benefit or may not be “covered” by your insurance yet might still be appropriate for you to consider. I will support you in asking your insurance plan to pay for any reasonable treatment, regardless of plan policy. I may also encourage you to pay for “uncovered” items that I believe offer valuable benefits not available under your plan. However, I will advise you against procedures that are wasteful, frivolous or irrational.

If I foresee a conflict between your welfare and any policy, contract, guideline, standard or law, I will disclose it to you. In the presence of uncertainty, I will help you choose a course of action that recognizes your values. On medical issues, I will not place my personal interests above yours, nor will I cooperate with others in doing so.

Finally, if I feel that you or anyone is contemplating a course of action that is not in your best interest, I will advise you of this.

Whatever form your health coverage takes, I intend always to deal honorably with you, your insurance company and everyone else in the system. Please let me know at any time you have a concern about the completeness, accuracy or bias of any information you have received from me, my staff or any consultant or organization to whom I have referred you.